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Warrior of the Week: Airman 1st Calss Antonio Latorre
Airman 1st Class Antonio Latorre, 376th Expeditionary Force Support Squadron, Lodging Guest Service representative, ensures the complete bed down of transient forces and provides information on all the major facilities including the dining facilities, MWR locations, transient tents, and fitness centers at the Transit Center at Manas, Kyrgyzstan. Airman Latorre is deployed here from the 1st Special Operations Force Support Squadron, Hurlburt Field, Fla., and hails from Erie, Pa. (U.S. Air Force photo illustration/ Senior Airman Nichelle Anderson)
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Warrior of the Week: A1C Antonio Latorre

Posted 6/5/2010   Updated 6/6/2010 Email story   Print story


by 376th Air Expeditionary Wing
Public Affairs

6/5/2010 - TRANSIT CENTER AT MANAS, Kyrgyzstan -- Every week, a member of the wing is selected as the Warrior of the Week. This individual is recognized based on outstanding performance, good conduct, work ethic, and most importantly, for a job well done.

Meet the Warrior of the Week. Airman 1st Class Antonio Latorre is a 376th Expeditionary Force Support Squadron lodging guest service representative deployed from the 1st Special Operations Force Support Squadron, Hurlburt Field, Fla. He hails from Erie, Pa.

Here's what Airman Latorre has to say about himself and his deployment to the Transit Center at Manas:

What do you do on a daily basis at Manas? On a daily basis, I ensure complete bed down for transient forces. We, the lodging staff, also provide knowledge of all the major facilities including dining facilities, MWR locations, the APIs at which they will be staying, and the fitness center.

What do you enjoy about being at Manas? What I enjoy about being at Manas is being able to witness different scenery. I'm used to seeing flat terrain and a couple hills here and there. Being at Manas, I was able to go on a hiking trip up a mountain to a waterfall. Looking in all directions at and during the hike was definitely a new and amazing experience.

Why did you choose to serve in the military? I chose to serve in the military for several reasons. The first and most important reason is to serve our great country. With our nation at war, I felt it was my calling to help contribute to the mission at hand. My second reason for joining is the fact that 40 percent of Airmen end their military careers with at least a bachelor's degree. Wanting to further my education, I found it to be the best choice with all the benefits the Air Force has to offer. My third and final reason for serving is to travel. Being in the armed forces, I have the opportunities to see new places, whether it is stateside or overseas. It gives me the chance to see places many people can only dream about.

How do you feel about your contributions to the Manas mission and the Global War on Terrorism? I feel my contributions to the Manas mission and the GWOT mission is vital. We provide the troops a place to rest before they are shipped to their final destination. Being a major transit center, we process thousands of troops, throughout all branches to include coalition forces, on a daily basis. We strive for unit integrity, not only so the units stay together, but also because it ensures we maintain 100 percent accountability.

Family: Coming from an average family, I have my parents and three siblings. My father, Wilberto Latorre, came to America from Puerto Rico at a young age and currently resides in Pennsylvania. My mother, Pamela Balsiger, is a native of Pennsylvania, but comes from Italian heritage. I have two older sisters, Melinda Latorre and Benita Balsiger, and a younger sister, Melissa Latorre.

Time at Manas: My tasking here was about four months.

Time in military: I have served in the Air Force for less than two years.

Greatest accomplishment: My greatest accomplishment was and is contributing to the mission. That was the sole purpose for me joining the military, and being able to do so is a big deal for me.

Goals you want to achieve or meet while at Manas: The main goal I set to meet for my stay at Manas was to get in better physical shape. I feel I have met that goal on several factors. Since I have been here, I started it off by eating right. I cut down drastically on foods that are not good for me. I maintain three meals a day with fruits as a snack. I improved my cardio by furthering my distance and shortening my time. I was able to do so by a mixture of speed intervals and distant running/jogging.

Hobbies: My hobbies include running, playing sports, and writing. Going back to my well being, I made it a hobby to exercise. I've gotten used to it to the point that I feel guilty when I miss a day of working out. I like to consider myself an all-around athlete. When it comes to sports, I am very competitive and I can do it every day, all day. In my spare time, usually when I am alone and have time to think, I like to write. I don't have a typical style. I start off with a sentence and depending how that sentence starts, determines the type of writing it will be.

Your best habit:
My best habit, I would say, is my customer service. Since I was 16 years old until now, all of my jobs revolved mostly around customer service. When I arrived at my first duty station, I was placed as a lodging guest service representative. Customer service is all I know, and I use it on and off duty in any situation.

Favorite Quote: My favorite quote is, "United we stand, divided we fall," from the Greek/Roman era by a man named Aesop.

Favorite movies: I don't have a favorite movie per se; however, I have a favorite genre, which is thriller. Thriller movies are my favorite because I find it to be interesting how ordinary citizens find themselves in a dangerous situation. Whether through fear or adrenaline, the characters strive to find a way out of the situation. Most of the movies end with the main character accomplishing a great feat by overcoming the danger stowed upon them.

Who is your favorite mentor and what did you learn from him/her: My favorite mentor is my father. I've learned a lot from him; however, the lesson I take to heart is to never give up no matter how difficult a situation may be. Much of my success derives off of what my father taught me.

If you could spend one hour with any person, who would it be and why: If I could spend one hour with any person I would choose the President of the United States of America. The President is one of the most influential persons in the United States. In order to gain the title, you must influence the people to follow you and take you as their representative. To spend an hour with someone of success and power, such as the President, would feel like a great achievement for me.

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